Introducing the Taxbot Certified Professional Network

...a network of professionals you can trust...

We are fortunate to work along side thousands of small business owners.  Through technology and education, we have been able to help make the lives of those business owners a little easier.

However we found:

The majority of small business owners aren't satisfied with their current accountant
80% of small business owners are overpaying their taxes
Most small business owners don't know where to go to get help

This is why we created the Taxbot Certified Professional Network and found qualified individuals to become Taxbot Certified Professionals (TCP's)

What is a TCP?

A "TCP" is a seasoned tax professional who specializes in small business taxes and has been selected to be part of our network.

They have been selected because they understand your world and know how to use the same strategies for self-employed people that we at Taxbot teach.

They are here to take the frustration out of taxes while giving you the peace of mind that you are keeping as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

We have a wide range of professionals at your fingertips. Variety of experience, expertise, and billing rates to make sure we have a perfect match for you.

All our Tax Pros specialize in working with clients remotely so they can give you the personal, high quality experience that you deserve...No matter where you are!

Our goal is to help small business owners take advantage of all of the tax benefits available to them...
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How The Taxbot Professional Network Works

1. Find the right fit

Look through our list of professionals, read bios, and pick the right one(s) for you.

Enter your contact info and click on "Submit" to send the pro your contact info and get their's.

2. Interview

Interview our Tax Pros.  Ask questions and learn more about them.  Remember, you are looking for a business partner

Talk and interview as many pros as it takes to find the right one for you.

3. Celebrate

...when you find the right person for you!  Pat yourself on the back knowing that you have taken complete control of your financial future.

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